For fishing enthusiasts and for those who dream of a walk by a lake around Sofia. The lake covers an area of 30,000 square meters and is stocked with carp, European catfish, carp, white carp, walleye, pike, babushka, trench and crucian carps. It is a favourite fishing spot due to the presence of trophy specimens. If you are good with the rod and lucky, you can catch catfish over 15 kg, as well as carp, pike and white carp over 8 kg.

Around the lake there are separate independent fishing piers with sheds, tables, benches, as well as 9 piers with a total capacity of 80 places. Beauty, tranquillity and romance – this is the best way to describe what awaits you here, in this spacious park around Sofia. Visit it alone, with friends or with your family if you want to feel the incredible magic of nature and true romance around Sofia.

You can also experience the beauty of nature by walking in the park The territory of the Windmills resort is forested with about 10,000 trees and 20,000 bushes from a total of over 70 types of species. Here you can get acquainted with almost all tree and bush species found in Bulgaria. Over 300,000 seeds, roots and bulbs of various flowers are also planted every year. For your convenience and for familiarization purposes, we have placed an information board that lists all the species found in the resort. Some of the tree and bush species that you may see here are:

Aylan, Acacia, Amber tree, White pine, Black pine, Weymouth pine, Himalayan pine, Birch, Red-leaved birch, Polish elm, Elder, Willow, Ginkgo biloba, Gledichia, Hawthorn, Janka, Caucasian oak, Summer oak, Red oak, Evokia , Douglas Fir, Common Fir, Golden Rain, Catalpa, Cedar, Horse Chestnut, Cypress, Coneflower, Linden, Lyre, Maclura, Chinese Bubble, Sea Buckthorn, Walnut, Rowan, Paulownia, Pterocaria, Sequoia, Plum, Sumac, Spruce, Sophora , Poplar, Thuja, Mulberry, Sycamore, Hestil, Shmak, Sycamore, Ash, etc.


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