Paintball offers a great opportunity for fun. It allows you to relax with friends, test your strength and endurance, and develop teamwork. It needs space, and in the Windmills resort you will find exactly that. 10 players or two teams of 5 players can play simultaneously. Gather your friends or colleagues and come and have fun together.

* 10 players or two teams x 5 people can play at one time.

*The duration of the game depends on the number of balls and the game of the participants. The average duration is about 30 minutes.


If you consider yourself a good shooter, come and show everyone how accurate you are. In the Windmills resort, you have the opportunity to prove that you are good with the targets and that you have an accurate eye by participating in shooting with a paintball marker at a target. Even if you have no shooting experience, don’t worry. Our instructor will show you how to shoot.


Did you know that the ability to shoot a bow is built into each of us on an intuitive level? Archery is suitable for both men and women and is one of the popular attractions around Sofia that you should not miss trying. Come to the Windmills resort and see for yourself how exciting and pleasant it can be.


Horses are amazing and beautiful animals – a symbol of strength, nobility and freedom. Feel the thrill of riding a horse by visiting the Windmills resort. This is entertainment that appeals to both young and old. Therefore, head to the resort with your whole family and experience this sport. Treat yourself with an experience you will always remember – horse riding.


Do you want to be transported to the old cowboy times? Everyone who dreams of feeling the thrill of riding a bull can get on our simulator. The Rodeo bull is a modern take on cowboy competition and guarantees lots of laughs, fun and excitement for you and everyone watching. It’s also a great way to test your stamina. The trainer has different levels according to the degree of advancement.


A great chance to admire the beautiful nature, cool off on hot summer days and share moments with your partner or family. As one song goes: “Clap clap pedals. Waterwheel!”. We give you the opportunity to rent pedal boats, with which you can take an introductory walk around all the corners of the lake.

Dolphin up to 2 people 15 minutes 30 minutes
Dolphin up to 2 people
BGN 12.99
BGN 19.99
Dolphin up to 4 people
BGN 19.99
BGN 24.99
Small swan boat up to 2 people
BGN 14.99
BGN 19.99
Small swan boat up to 4 people
BGN 19.99
BGN 24.99
Big swan boat up to 2 people
BGN 14.99
BGN 19.99
Big swan boat up to 4 people
BGN 14.99
BGN 24.99
Boat car up to 2 people
BGN 14.99
BGN 19.99
Boat car up to 4 people
BGN 19.99
BGN 24.99


With family, with friends or alone – the choice is yours. While the wife and children are having fun in the pools, you can steal some time for yourself and indulge in your favourite hobby. With a little more agility and luck, you can catch trophy specimens – catfish over 15 kg, carp over 8 kg, pike over 8 kg and white carp over 8 kg.

Fish Price
BGN 9.00/kg
White carp
BGN 9.00/kg
Fathead minnow
BGN 7.00/kg
Pike / European catfish
BGN 12.00/kg
Crucian carps / Bleak / Mullet / Linn / Babushka
BGN 3.00/kg

*Deposit for rented fishing rod – BGN 20. After returning the fishing rod, the deposit is refunded.


In the entertainment area, you can enjoy jiggers, air hockey, a carousel and see-saws. Note that facilities are token operated. After paying for the attraction you want, our employee will give you a short briefing. Of course, the number one rule is to have fun. But for your peace of mind and ours, the entertainer will explain to you how to use the facilities.


There is no doubt – contact with nature and animals is extremely important for every person. Animals teach us about the true love and compassion, and interacting with them fills our hearts and souls with joy. The curious eyes of young and old gather in front of the zoos in the Windmills resort. Here you can meet many different animal species such as:


We believe that our children are our suns. To keep the smiles on the faces of the little ones, we have provided them with a lot of different entertainment – trampolines, swings, slides, a children’s ship, a castle. The play areas are designed to the highest safety standards so that you as parents can have peace of mind that your treasures are playing in a safe environment.


On the territory of the Windmills resort is the only “energy pyramid” in the Balkans. It exhibits more than 70 types of semi-precious and precious stones of natural origin. They were mined from China, Brazil, India, Singapore, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, South Africa, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Tunisia. We believe that as soon as you approach the pyramid, you will feel the magical power and be charged with a positive energy.


We are proud not only of the numerous attractions, but also of the unique gazebos that you can find here. Five gazebos, unique in their architecture, await you to offer you relaxation and privacy in nature. Gazebos are suitable not only for those who enjoy peace and quiet, but also for cheerful and noisy companies.


You know this legend, we’re sure. If you want your love to be eternal, you must lock it with a padlock on some bridge and throw away the key. Only when the padlock unlocks itself will you part with your soulmate. In the Windmills resort, we give all lovers the opportunity to seal their love with a heart-shaped padlock.


Who said foam party? Smiles, lots of mood and 100% fun. Wild and fun like no other, this party is sure to be one you’ll always remember. Because of the incredible fun it guarantees, the foam party is also suitable for large companies. We can organize a foam party for you and your event upon prior request.


May every second here be filled with good emotions and lots of fun. This is our main goal. That is exactly why we have taken care of volleyball lovers. On the territory of the Windmills resort you will find a volleyball court. If you are fans of this sport, you can organize a mini tournament with friends or just enjoy the game.


In addition to an incredible variety of water attractions, a tennis table awaits you here. The game, as you know, is played by two or four players. If you are a family of four, you can split into two teams of two and have fun together. Table tennis is suitable for both children and adults.


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